About Us

The website is launched by an experienced Professor (retired from College Service) who has had more than 3 decades of experience in teaching and research. All the course materials are prepared with utmost care keeping in mind the requirement of the NET aspirants. Taking into consideration the convenience of the students and the teachers who are already working, this online course is introduced. This website as well as the App can be accessed at their convenient time in the place of their choice.

About the Website

Every unit in the syllabus is covered. Detailed Notes, Audio Lessons and Video Lessons are provided for an easy perusal of the candidates.

Notes component will facilitate you with the key points regarding every literary Age, its representative authors and their major works, making it easy for you to go through only the important points without wasting your precious time in searching for them in books or internet.

Audio component covers many major works of the writers from every Age. This will help you listen to them at a time of your choice. Headphones are recommended for effective comprehension.

Video component provides you with a real classroom experience. In this too, all the major writers from every Age are included. You will get an overall idea of each writer, list of their works, the central themes of their works and other salient features.

All these three study components – Notes, Audio and Video are priced very reasonably.

Apart from these primary study materials, there are many items given free for the users of the website like, Nobel Prize winners, Booker Prize winners, Books and Authors, History of English etc.

Regarding the Practice Tests, about 3000 questions are given. These are prepared for the users at various levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. When you take the test you know where you are and proceed accordingly. And all these tests are ABSOLUTELY FREE.

To keep you updated in the field of English language and literature the components like do you know? and surprise question of the day are included. To familiarize you with the classical stories Story of the Week is incorporated.

The users may feel free to clarify any doubts from or have a discussion with the Professor on every Monday between 7 pm and 8 pm.


Lioness activities peak after dusk – I used to read a lot after dusk

Lioness spends 50 minutes in eating – I don’t spend more time in eating. I don’t have the patience to wait for reading

Lioness used to patrol on their Territory – I have my own Library at my home where I spend most of my time when at home from the time I started my UG in BA English Literature

Lioness is at maximum speed while hunting – I put my maximum effort when my skills are tested in an examination

Attack elephants when foods are scarce – During my holidays, I used to stay in a Library and read most of the books on literature and I hunt for knowledge

They fight for prey and distribute to smaller ones – I used to study and teach my Juniors when I did my PG in MA English Literature

Lioness being the Queen of the jungle feels its Pride – Learning being a joy, did my Ph.D in Comparative Literature, which made me feel proud

Lioness never sleeps when its cubs are awake – I lived with my Thesis on (Milton and Ilanko : A Comparative Study) and I literally didn’t sleep until I completed my Thesis

Roar sounds can be heard as much as 5 miles away – In my overall teaching experience of 30 years I used to teach my Students very loudly